Powerful Citrus for Skin

Powerful Citrus for Skin

Powerful Citrus Fruit for Skincare
The antioxidant found in these fruits reduces free radicals in your body which are the basic causes of ageing. So including citrus into your skincare regime can make a whole lot of difference.
The citrus fruits hold your skin cells together by forming collagen.
Aside the benefits on the skin, Citrus fruit intake is associated with a reduced risk of Stomach cancer. Also, citrus fruit juices, such as orange, lime and lemon, may be useful for lowering the risk of specific types of kidney stoneThis is why its important to eat citrus fruit regularly. Citrus can be used to even out dark patches or hyperpigmentation. A lot of skincare products now include vitamin C or absorbic acid into skincare lotion to aid with uneven skin tone which have given visible  remarkable results.

Whip up these easy skincare recipes to help you look fabulous even when you can’t make it to the spa. 


Papaya exfoliant mask. Puree one papaya in the blender, then apply to a dry face and relax for at least 20 minutes. Finish by rinsing with lukewarm water. You can also add ground herbs and other fresh fruits and veggies, such as cucumber, to the mix.

Spa Quick Fixes 

  •  Facial scrub.  Useful for all skin types, a great way to remove dead skin cells is to add a bit of salt or sugar to your cleanser or soap just before washing your face. However, don’t add the salt or sugar to the cleanser bottle or container, as combining them for an extended time can change the chemical constituency of the product.
  •  Vinegar peel.  The acidity in  vinegar  is  another  good way  to  remove  dead  skin cells,  though  it  should  only be  used  for  dry,  flaky  or  oily skin, and definitely  not  for sensitive  skin.  Start  by  mixing 1/4  to  1/2  cup  certified organic  vinegar  to  one  cup pure  water.  Next,  cut  eye  and nose holes out of a washcloth, then  soak  the  cloth  in  the vinegar  mixture.  Place  the cloth  on  your  face  for  up  to 25  minutes  and  relax  while the vinegar works. Ask your esthetician about any of the spa’s treatments you can partake in that provide beautiful summer skin, and also inquire about products you can take home to prolong the results of your spa visit.

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